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A bisexual escort duo with Sofia James and Alissa Thorne

Sofia and I were sat in one of Leicester’s finest bars together waiting for our date to arrive. I always enjoy Sofia’s company, and that night she was sat opposite me looking fabulous as usual, in a tight black dress showing off her amazing figure and her long black hair cascading down her shoulders.

 I leant forward and placed my manicured hand on her thigh as I whispered something into her ear. To a passer by it would have appeared we were two good friends sharing a story, which we were, but it was so much more than that. The chemistry between us was electric and we were both buzzing with anticipation as we thought about what the night may hold.

I wrapped my lips around my straw and took a sip of my cocktail as I leaned back and surveyed the room. Then I saw him. Our date, let’s call him Jonathan for discretion purposes, had just entered the room. My heart was pounding as he made eye contact and he walked over to us.

 We all greeted each other with a series of hugs and kisses. We had all been waiting for this night for so long.

 It turned out Jonathan had booked us a lovely table with a sofa, so he sat in the centre with Sofia and I either side of him. We enjoyed our drinks whilst laughing, flirting and getting to know each other.

 Jonathan was such a charming man. He often travelled to the Midlands on business, particularly Nottingham, Birmingham and occasionally, like this week, Leicester. He was very easy to chat to, he seemed relaxed and very happy to be in the company of two gorgeous ladies!

 The evening flew by and the more time we spent together the more turned on we were all getting. As we both have very high sex drives, Sofia and I could not wait to for the action to begin!

I began stroking Jonathan’s arm, at the same time that Sofia began caressing his leg. Then Sofia and I made eye contact and leant in to a kiss. I sighed as her lips made contact with mine, they were so beautifully soft and we both became lost in the moment. It was only when Jonathan exclaimed

“You two are such a tease!” That we remembered where we were!

“Right, I believe it’s time we got a taxi back to the hotel” he laughed.

 We turned heads as we entered the hotel lobby together. Jonathan in his blue suit and crisp white shirt with a glamorously dressed lady on either arm. I suppose some people may have mistaken us for colleagues out for work drinks, some may have thought he had two girlfriends, I suppose some may have guessed the truth- that he was lucky enough to book two escorts for the night!

 Once we were alone in Jonathan’s hotel room it became obvious how turned on we were.

  I couldn’t resist, I just had to embrace our date in a passionate kiss. He then turned to lock lips with Sofia, then all three of us engaged in a three way kiss which was absolutely delicious!

Sofia and I sat Jonathan down on an arm chair in the corner of the room and began to undress each other. Sofia unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor whilst I unclipped her bra. All the while making eye contact with Jonathan who was absolutely mesmerised!

 “Oh honey are we leaving you out?!” I giggled once Sofia and I were wearing nothing but our lace thongs.

 We both descended on our date then, kissing him, caressing him, unbuttoning his shirt. Hungry to get to his sexy naked body. Sofia kissed him sexily whilst I sat on his lap and I could feel his erection pulsing against my leg.

“We had better take these off” I whispered tugging at his boxers.

Once his underwear was on the floor we could see how turned on he was.

“Wow” giggled Sofia gently stroking him “I think we need to take you to bed.”

Sofia and I slipped off the last of our underwear and soon all three of us were rolling around on the bed, kissing each other, touching each other, playing with each other.

 I kissed Sofia then worked my way down her incredible body, down her chest to her beautiful nipples, then lower and lower until my lips were between her legs. She tasted amazing and I could feel her squirm with pleasure as I teased her.

Jonathan was watching in awe, so Sofia lifted her head and started teasing his hard cock with her tongue.

 We were all so horny and turned on, we could not keep our hands off each other. It didn’t take long for Sofia to explode all over my lips, it was wonderful.

 Jonathan then lay down on the bed whilst Sofia sat on top of him, he gasped with pleasure as she slid his hard cock inside her and began to ride him. I found it incredibly erotic watching them.

 I was so turned on that when Jonathan beckoned me to sit on his face I did not need asking twice. I rode his lips whilst Sofia rode his cock. We were all moaning with pleasure- I seriously hope the hotel walls were soundproof!

  We spent the evening exploring different positions. When Jonathan stopped to pour himself a drink, he looked amazed to see that Sofia and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other even whilst his back was turned. He sat on the armchair and gazed as Sofia and I kissed passionately on the bed, enjoying each other’s naked bodies. Sofia then moved her lips lower and lower down to my clit. She was amazingly talented with her tongue and it wasn’t long before waves of pleasure engulfed me.

 One of my favourite parts of the night was when I bent over the bed, with Jonathan taking me from behind. His cock was deep inside me and my face was deep between Sofia’s legs. I believe Jonathan thoroughly enjoyed the view from where he was too!

 At the end of the night, and after many orgasms each, we all collapsed into each other’s arms. I felt such an incredibly lucky lady to have spent an evening with two very sexy people.

 Jonathan confessed he had not booked an independent escort in Leicester for a while, but after tonight’s double girlfriend experience he said it certainly would not be the last time!

I hope we don’t have to wait too long until Sofia and I can enjoy another bi-sexual duo date. Teasing, touching, explosive orgasms-what a way to spend a night!

Alissa x

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