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Advice for when booking an independent escort

I wrote this blog for new clients who are considering booking an escort, however I am sure anyone who meets escorts could benefit from reading this!

*Do read their website. This is the first and most important thing! Each escort is different and by reading their profile/website thoroughly you will get an idea of who she/he is and whether you are compatible. Their website will also include information such as how to book and preferred payment methods. Ensure you are familiar with this before making contact. Do NOT waste their time by asking questions which are covered on the website.

*Communicate your desires. Escorts are not mind readers, so please talk to us about what you want! If you have a specific fantasy in mind don’t be shy, I can assure you I have heard all kinds of kinks and nothing shocks me- the worst I will do is say no.

*Do respect their boundaries. No means no, if they do not wish to offer a particular service then they do not want to offer that service -simple as. The reasons why are irrelevant. If it matters that much to you it’s time to find another escort who does offer what you want.

*Do respect their privacy. As I’m sure you are concerned about your own discretion so are they. This means no trying to find out personal information, no approaching if you see them in public, if they choose to share videos/ photos with you do not share them with anyone else, and ask before kissing or holding hands in public.

*Do respect their time. Most of the escorts I know are busy people (myself included). Many of us have day jobs, families, are studying etc alongside sex work, therefore please do not expect our attention unless you are paying for it. Ideally a booking should be confirmed within a few emails, we do not have the time to chat unless we are on a paid for date. 

 Respecting their time includes showing up on time. If you are late then expect that to be taken out of your booked time together.

*Do shower before a booking. I can guarantee that NO escort gets turned on by bad hygiene. Clean skin, fresh breath and freshly laundered sheets will mean they will be happy to get close and intimate with you!

*Don’t see an escort if you are unwell. If anything this age of covid has taught us how important cleanliness is. Please cancel the booking if you are showing symptoms of ANY contagious illness. (This includes colds, coughs, cold sores etc) I for one do not want to be forced to take time off due to catching an illness from a client.

*Do pay on arrival using the payment method they have requested. Personally I expect to be paid within the first 5 minutes of our date. Do not haggle the rates- this is incredibly rude and disrespectful.

*Do follow their booking protocol. If there are no details of how to book on their website then the best way to make contact is to send an email or text detailing your: name, location (if outcall), date and time you wish to book, length of date and any requests you may have.

Follow these steps and I’m sure your date with your chosen escort will go brilliantly! Politeness, respect and good hygiene go a long way!


Alissa x

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