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an overnight date with an escort

I have had enquiries from gents who are curious about booking an overnight date but are unsure of what to expect. It’s important to note that every independent escort will have different boundaries and requirements, but here is a guide of what to expect from an overnight date with me.

My overnight rate is for 14 hours of my time. It is up to your schedule what time we meet- although I don’t like to begin dates any later than 9pm.

It is nice to meet in your hotel first to get acquainted and so I can drop off my overnight bag. We then may go out for the evening or have a cosy night in. I imagine we will both get hungry at some point and going out for dinner can be a lovely way to spend the evening. I do understand that some people prefer privacy therefore I am equally happy with room service.

Some people enjoy an activity after dinner (such as the theatre, ballet or comedy), others enjoy relaxing in the hotel.

After the social side of our date, we can enjoy some private time together. As you will have read on my website, I offer a girlfriend experience but am also open to many kinks and fetishes so let me know what you desire.

My only requirement is that I get a minimum of 6 hours uninterrupted sleep. You don’t want a grouchy Alissa on your hands! besides I need to be able to concentrate on my journey home the following day.

In the morning, depending on timings, we might enjoy some more intimate time and a nice breakfast before I depart.

I’m open to extra hours either side of the overnight if you would prefer to meet earlier in the afternoon or if you fancy a relaxing morning.

I absolutely love taking my time getting to know someone and overnight dates are a perfect way to do this. If you like the sound of an overnight booking with me please get in touch via my website

Alissa x

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