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Christmas Eve Treat

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even Mistress Thorne. She was hiding in the shadows waiting, not moving, not making a sound, for she was expecting a visitor and did not wish to be noticed.

All of a sudden there was a rustling and a bang, Santa dropped out from the chimney and onto the hearth. As he straightened himself out and looked around the living room Mistress Thorne stepped forward. “Well well well Santa, I have been expecting you” she chuckled.

“Oh my, Mistress Thorne!” exclaimed Santa, “I only popped by to fill up your stockings… But I see you are wearing them!”

He eyed her up and down, gazing at her body barely concealed by her black lingerie and stockings. Mistress Thorne walked over to him in her stiletto heels and ran her fingers up and down his chest.

“Oh Santa” she said whilst twirling his beard “I’m so happy that you visited me tonight”

 Santa felt himself get very excited, this wasn’t usually how he was greeted but wow what a nice surprise. “Well thank you. I’m very glad I came”

“You haven’t cum yet” laughed Mistress Thorne “Take your clothes off. NOW”

Santa did exactly what he was told, he stripped off then lay down on the rug. Mistress Thorne grabbed some ribbon, left over from wrapping the presents, and used it to tie his wrists and ankles together.

Santa’s cock was already hard and pulsing as he gazed up at his Mistress.

“I had you on the Nice list Mistress, but now I’m not so sure” he muttered.

Mistress Thorne slid off her lingerie and stood above Santa’s head. She had been waiting for this moment all year.

“I have been a good girl actually and I deserve a treat. Now you must give it to me” and she squatted down onto Santa’s face. “Go on Santa, make me happy”

Santa obediently did what he was told. He teased her clit with his tongue causing her to get wetter and wetter as she rode his lips.

They both moaned with pleasure, Santa was very talented with his tongue as he tasted her pussy Mistress Thorne felt herself shiver and shake with pleasure.

She glanced down and saw Santa’s cock standing hard and erect, begging to be played with.

“Santa…How badly do you want me to touch your cock?” but Santa could not answer as his face was buried deep in her pussy.

“I didn’t hear you!” she barked

There came a muffled “Please!” from down below as Santa nodded his head

Mistress Thorne stood up, “Oh Santa, you are a good boy aren’t you!” she whispered whilst using her fingers to stroke up as down his solid dick. She teased him for a while, enjoying making him squirm with pleasure as she did so.

“Santa, did you read my Christmas list?” she asked

“Yes indeed” Santa insisted “You asked for a new chair, I have one in my sack”

“Oh I know you do” grinned Mistress Thorne whilst massaging Santa’s balls. “There is a lovely new chair for me right here”

She climbed on top of Santa, lowering herself down onto his hard cock. They both sighed with pleasure as she began to ride him.


Mistress Thorne rode Santa’s hard cock. Grinding up and down on it using him for her pleasure until she orgasmed all over him.

“Wow that was amazing Santa” she breathed. But Santa was still so hard and horny “Please Mistress Thorne” he begged “I’m ready to explode! Can I please cum too?”

“Well Santa, you have been good this year” she laughed “Very well, I give you permission”

 Mistress Thorne continued riding Santa until she felt his cock pulse and he let out a loud moan. His body shook as he came.

Santa hadn’t been expecting his night to go like that, but he was very happy that he had stopped at Mistress Thorne’s home.

Mistress Thorne untied her victim and let him go on his way, she was very happy with her gift from Santa- what a shame that he only cums once a year!

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