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Culture & Debauchery in London

As my date and I travelled in the lift up to the 46th floor of our London hotel, I knew it was going to be an exciting evening.

 We had been planning a night of culture and debauchery for a while and today we were putting our dreams into action.

Once in the room, my date and I embraced, delighted to see each other again and enthusiastic for the evening which lay ahead. We looked out admiring the breath taking view of London, it really was something special.

 We didn’t have long until our dinner reservation but, as a tease, I unzipped my suitcase and lay out some treats I had bought with me.

A cane. A paddle. Rope. Handcuffs. I could see the excitement in his eyes but he had to resist. “Later…” I whispered.

After a delicious dinner we headed to the theatre, and tonight’s show of Phantom of the opera did not disappoint. After our evening of culture we stepped out into the chilly London night “Now for the debauchery” my date grinned.

We entered the strip club wide eyed and eager as we took a table right in front of the stage.

 My date knew that I had wanted to visit a strip club for ages but had never had the chance so he kindly decided to take me.

 The place was full of incredibly sexy bodies, it was impossible to take my eyes off the dancers as they wriggled and writhed on the pole in front of me.

 We began talking to one of the dancers and couldn’t resist the urge to get a private dance from her. She had an incredible body and I was transfixed as she moved her hips and wiggled her boobs right in front of my face!

 My date and I left the private booth both feeling hot and horny for more.

The next lady who gave us a private dance was extremely sexy and with the way she moved I could tell she knew exactly what she was doing.

 My date sat to the side and watched as, with a seductive look on her face, the dancer gave me a lap dance. Never taking her eyes off me, she slowly stripped, first her dress slid off and she danced erotically in her lingerie. Next, she slipped off her bra and slowly and sensually ran her fingers over her hard nipples.

 Oh how I wished I could touch her!

 Then her thong fell to the floor, wow she had an amazing bum…!

 She leant on the chair behind her and wiggled her hips, I had a fantastic view.

 Her moves were very sensual and seductive. I was torn between wanting to be like her, wanting to learn her moves for my own dances! Also wanting to be with her, wanting to be naked with her, desperate to touch and caress her beautiful body.

As if she knew how turned on I was she moved closer and closer to me. A naughty glint in her eye. She moved closer still, I could smell her perfume, her skin centimetres away from mine. Looking me in the eye she moved her lips closer… and closer… almost kissing me… but not quite! Ahh such a tease!

My date and I left the club feeling incredibly turned on. However, our evening of debauchery was not over yet!

Back in the hotel, we still had to make use of those handcuffs and paddles! And I certainly did have a lot of fun handcuffing my date and using him as my naughty plaything. In return he was very obedient for his Mistress, however I still found enough reasons to spank him!

The next morning, as we sat naked in the bathtub, with a view overlooking London, we reflected on our evening. It truly had been the perfect balance of culture and debauchery!


Alissa x

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