How to be the best date



If you wish to book a date with me please send me an email at least a week or two before you wish to meet.

Once we have agreed on a date and time I will request you send me a deposit and proof of address/screenshot of your hotel booking via email, text, Whatsapp or Signal.

During our date...

When I arrive I trust you will be freshly showered and ready for my visit. The fee can be paid in cash within 5 minutes of my arrival to the booking.

 I expect you to be the only person in the house/ hotel room and pets to be kept in a separate room.

If we go out in public, do not expect me to kiss you or hold your hand. This is for both of our discretion. Should we bump into someone we know, public displays of affection can arouse suspicion!

I treat all of my clients with respect by being polite and respecting their boundaries- I expect the same courtesy from you.

after our date...

I am very conscious about respecting your privacy so if I see you whilst out and about I will not acknowledge you unless we are on a paid for date.

If you wish to book another date in the future, please send me an email/text/whatsapp. I will still need a deposit for longer dates or dates which I have to travel out of my area for.

Our intimate time together is private, if I discover you have left me a review on a punting site you will be blacklisted!

wish list

I do not expect gifts and please do not feel any obligation to bring me anything. However, I have been asked by a few clients recently what I would like so here are some ideas:

Body oils, lotions, gift sets from Aveda or The Body Shop. Aveda gift cards are also welcome!

Vouchers for spas or salons

Fancy herbal teas (Tea Pigs, Bloom Teas and T2 always go down well)


Lingerie or lingerie gift cards

Books ( Exciting non-fiction stories are my favourite, however I am keen to read any novels you can recommend)

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