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alissa thorne sat on couch dangling feet in high heels

Foot fetish

You gaze up at My stockinged feet, mesmerised. I’m sat on My throne, your Queen, what a lucky peasant you are to be face to face with My toes.

I’ve been wearing these stockings all day, walking around in My stilettos and nylons, it’s a hot day, My feet are sweaty, do you want a sniff?

Beg Me then. Beg Me you pathetic peasant. Do you think you are worthy to sniff your Queen’s, toes? Do you?

You’ve been so obedient, served Me well over the past month, I’ll let you, your treat for the day.

I push My right foot into your face and you take a deep inhale. You tell Me how wonderful I smell. You are intoxicated.

 I rub both feet all over your face, your cheeks, your nose, your lips…you are loving it.

I slowly peel off My stockings, you can’t stop staring at My naked legs and feet. Red polish on My toes. The shapely arch of my foot. My toned calves.

From your pathetic place on the cold floor you let out a sigh. If you’re worthy you will worship Me, do you understand peasant?

With My permission you cradle My left foot in your hands, a precious object, you must treat it with respect.

You tell Me how much you adore My foot. You tell Me how beautiful it is. You thank Me for being so generous to allow you to even look at it let alone touch it. 

You are so well behaved that I allow you to kiss the heel which you do delicately, moving your lips up kissing the sole of My foot up and up all the way to the toes. You pause then kiss each toe in turn before moving to the front of My foot and showering that with kisses too.

 You repeat with My right foot.

You are very good at worshiping your Majesty’s feet.

You want to lick My beautiful feet, you want to taste My gorgeous feminine toes, I know you do. 

If you ask Me nicely, like a good boy, I will let you. I lounge back in the chair and breathe out a sigh of pleasure as you taste My feet. 

 You wrap your lips around My big toe and suck. I’m enjoying the sensation, you are so good at giving your Queen pleasure. You suck each toe in turn then open your mouth wide. How many toes can you fit in?

You attempt all 5 and I’m impressed as half of My right foot slides into your mouth.

 You are deep-throating My foot and it feels amazing. 

I work My left foot up your thigh, gently caressing you. My foot reaches your cock, it’s solid, just the way I like it. Good boy.

 I caress it with My toes, up and down, you sigh, staring at My feet before I suddenly pull away-that’s enough for today! Your Queen likes the fact Her feet have aroused the pathetic peasant but he doesn’t deserve any more pleasure, well not yet anyway…

Alissa x

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