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Making fantasies a reality… Outcall Escort In Derby

I love being an independent escort as it means I get to meet interesting people and hear their fascinating desires. When we were put into lockdown last year instead of meeting gentlemen face to face I did it virtually instead via Adultwork phone chat.

 I spent many evenings chatting to gentlemen across the UK, I spoke to a lot of intriguing people, some wanted a general chit chat, relationship advice or to tell me their deepest fantasies that they were too shy to tell anyone else. Plenty of men, including a wonderful caller named Edward, wanted to hear my (in his words) “sexy posh voice” as I told him about what we would get up to if we were to meet for a date.

 Every week I would talk to him about the sexy lingerie I would wear, the slow strip tease I would give him, the way I would kiss and touch him.

 I would graphically explain the sexy things I wanted to do together and in return he would drive me crazy by telling me the naughty things he wanted to do with me.

This continued regularly for a year. All the while we were in our separate homes, miles away from each other yet often it felt like we were in the same room.

Lockdown ended and Edward told me he HAD to meet me. My voice and my imagination had taken over his world. He had to make the fantasy a reality.

 A month ago we finally made it happen when Edward invited me to meet him in a hotel in Derby.

Edward said he was nervous that he wouldn’t meet my expectations. I told him I honestly did not care what he looked like, as long as he was friendly and respectful (as he had been on the phone) I knew we would have an amazing time.

From the moment Edward opened the door to his hotel room and invited me in it was like seeing a familiar lover. My mind had been going wild during the journey to the hotel, so I was already wet and desperate for him the moment I slipped off my dress.

After so much anticipation every touch made me shiver with excitement and I could tell he was feeling the same – he was rock hard before I even lay a hand on him.

We sank onto the bed and explored each other’s bodies but neither of us could wait much longer.

I gasped as he entered me, we had both been anticipating this moment for months. I shivered as he whispered dirty things in my ear, just as he had done on the phone, only this time instead of using my vibrator at home I now had the real thing. It was so erotic having his body pressed against mine, feeling him inside me, every thrust was incredible.

 We switched positions, I moved on top, riding him, unable to keep quiet as I felt his cock pulse inside me.

 I then moved so I was lying flat on my stomach whilst he slid in from behind. We had described this many times on the phone and now it was happening neither of us were disappointed. I grasped the pillow trying not to scream as I orgasmed, pleasure washing over me as a year’s worth of sexual tension evaporated.

He couldn’t hold on much longer and he soon followed, I felt his cock pulse as he came, before he slid out and collapsed on the bed beside me.

 The build up had certainly been worth it, and if anything made the sex even more passionate.

 We had a few hours together so we enjoyed a drink and a chat before round two, which was even more intense than the first.

 What an incredible evening, and certainly one I won’t forget in a while. I hope to have a naughty phone chat with Edward again soon, but this time I will be able to imagine the real thing as I listen to his voice and I’m confident it will be even hotter than before.

Alissa x

Alissa Thorne UK escort
Image courtesy of Mistress Volga.

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