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New Year, New You?


The new year is all about trying new things!

As an independent escort I’ve met many men who say they had always wanted to meet a high class escort but it took them a long time to take the plunge. Once they did they never looked back!

It can feel like a big step but honestly it has never been easier to book a date. The information is all online, all you need to do is send me an email to get the ball rolling.

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of a date with a beautiful lady in a luxurious hotel, basking in her undivided attention over dinner and of course enjoying each other’s company behind closed doors.

Perhaps you have spicy fantasies you wish to explore. I’m always up for an exciting role play or some fun with toys.

It sometimes can feel awkward talking openly about fetishes when dating but I’m an open minded independent companion, I’m used to chatting about all things sex related! Got something you wish to explore? Just ask!

Vanilla dates can be equally as thrilling. Imagine the rush as we connect and flirt over dinner, the anticipation as I undress in your hotel room, the build up as we explore each other’s bodies… certainly more exciting than your average Monday night at home watching TV!

We only live once so don’t let 2024 pass you by as “just another year”. You deserve a treat so step out of your comfort zone and let’s make this year one to remember!

Alissa x

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