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Office antics part one: the interview

I stepped through the door of the company headquarters, butterflies tingling in my stomach. Today was the day I had an interview for THE role of my career – the pressure was on.


As the lift soared up to floor 69, I examined my reflection. Tight black skirt, with a thin blouse tucked in, high heels, sheer stockings- I had dressed to impress. I had even slipped on my lucky red lingerie- not that anyone would see it of course – but it was my lucky charm and had not failed me yet!


I quickly reapplied my lipstick, took a deep breath and as the lift doors opened, I stepped out head held high.


I was greeted by a short silver haired gentleman. He scurried out from behind the reception desk “please take a seat” he pulled out a chair, fluffed the cushion and gestured for me to sit down “The Boss will be with you soon”


I smiled and sat, going over the interview questions I had prepared in my head. 

  As I looked down I realised that my skirt was far too short for this, I hastily pulled it so it was covering the tops of my stockings… argh why hadn’t I worn my business trousers instead?! This outfit suddenly felt very inappropriate, hopefully The Boss wouldn’t notice.


“Alissa Thorne”

I jumped 


“Sorry to interrupt your thoughts Miss, but it’s time. Follow me”

I followed the receptionist down the corridor to an open door.


“Ms Thorne is here Boss”

“Bring her in” came the reply


The man scurried off and I entered the room, still worrying about how short my skirt was. 

The door shut behind me and I stopped in my tracks.


In front of a large mahogany desk in the centre of the room stood The Boss.

 Tall, strong, powerful she walked over to me and shook my hand “a pleasure to meet you Ms Thorne, please take a seat”


I did as she requested whilst The Boss sat down in on a large padded chair on the opposite side of the desk.


She was breathtakingly beautiful, wearing a tight black dress showing off her stunning curves. She tucked her long red hair behind her ears, 

“Your application was most impressive. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.”


I smiled, all of a sudden unsure of what to say or do I couldn’t think straight.

The Boss proceeded with the interview, asking me the usual questions and I went on autopilot giving the answers I had rehearsed but I wasn’t focused. I was too distracted by her beauty. 

 The way she looked intently at me with her piercing green eyes, the way her deep red lips moved when she spoke, the way I could see her nipples through the thin dress she was wearing… I wonder whether she knew? Maybe I should tell her? Would that be inappropriate? 


Her leg accidentally brushed mine under the desk and I felt waves of excitement flood through me.


“It can be a tough role Ms Thorne. There will also be requirements to work late some nights. Would you be ok with that?”


“Yes that’s fine”


“No partner at home who will be waiting for you to return at 6pm?”


She noted my confused expression


“Apologies if that is a personal question Ms Thorne, however it’s important that staying in the office after hours won’t be an issue for you. 

 When everyone else leaves the senior management team often need to stay after hours to…” she paused “catch up on reports. Is that ok?”


“Absolutely” I answered


She gave a wicked smile.


“Excellent. It’s a high pressure job. From your CV I see you have dealt with high powered roles before. What ways have you discovered to combat stress?”


“I have no problem dealing with stress. I find meditation helps calm myself down”


Her leg brushed mine again but this time I was sure it was no accident. Her thigh rested against me for a few seconds before she removed it.


I felt a wetness in my lucky red thong… I wanted her leg to stay there.


The Boss lent forwards “how about massage?”


“Yes. Great stress relief” I agreed

She reached out one perfectly manicured hand and rested it on my arm. Gently running her red nails up and down, smiling as I shivered at her touch.

I was mesmerised, caught in her spell, I wanted to touch her too but surely that would be inappropriate? Then all of a sudden she stood up and walked closer to where I was sat.


Stood behind me in her shiny black stilettos she whispered

“Relax Ms Thorne” 

She placed her hands on my shoulders and began to gently massage them through my blouse


I could smell her musky perfume, her touch made me squirm with pleasure.


Horniness took over I couldn’t sit there any longer, I jumped up turned around and faced her.


“You are beautiful Ms Thorne” The Boss breathed gazing at me intently.


Passion took over, I reached forward stroked her face and kissed her.

 Her lips were soft and delicious, I could kiss her all day.


Suddenly I remembered that it was definitely inappropriate to kiss during an interview. I really shouldn’t have done that. I pulled away, disappointment flooding my mind, knowing that I had now lost the role which I had been preparing for my entire career. 


“I like the way you use your initiative Ms Thorne” The Boss smirked. She pushed me into the desk and pressed her body against mine.

My skirt rode up revealing the tops of my stockings which I had so desperately been trying to hide earlier. The Boss saw and licked her lips, then ran her fingers up and down my thigh before pulling my skirt up even further to reveal my lucky red suspender belt.

She winked.


I had nothing to lose. I kissed her again, more passionately this time and she reciprocated.  Touching her body as I did so teasing my fingers on where her nipples were poking through the dress.

She sighed. 

I kissed her neck, she unbuttoned my blouse, revealing my lace red bra, I wriggled out of my skirt which fell to the floor so all I was wearing was my lucky red lingerie set. It was proving to be lucky although in a different way to how I had imagined!


I led her over to the large chair behind the desk, and hungrily unzipped her dress, she wasn’t wearing a bra, only a black thong, it’s like she knew this was going to happen.


 Her body was breath taking-perfect breasts, toned abs, a smirk on her face as she noticed how incredibly turned on I was.


She pushed me into the chair and climbed on top, straddling me, kissing me, teasing me.  It felt amazing to have her body grinding against mine. Using her manicured talons she moved my lucky red thong to one side “You are soaking” she grinned.

 I was so turned on by the whole situation, the anticipation of the interview now turned to sexual anticipation. Was this a test?

 I wanted her, I wanted the job too, which did I want more?


She continued teasing my wet pussy then all of a sudden there was a knock at the door.

 I jumped, but The Boss ignored it. I followed her lead and continued kissing her, enjoying the moment, whoever was at the door was clearly unimportant.

 Then came the sound of the heavy wooden door slowly creaking open and close again. I could hear footsteps enter the room, light breathing and sensed someone was stood right behind me…




I pulled away from The Boss, and looked over her shoulder to where I knew somebody was stood.

 It was the receptionist who had greeted me earlier. The short, older gentleman, wearing a crisp suit, clutching a folder marked “IMPORTANT”.


The Boss slid off my lap and turned around, seemingly unfazed that she had been caught half naked with an interviewee.


“Well well well if it isn’t My bitch”


“Sorry Boss” he stammered “but I have these reports for you and they need seeing to immediately.” He placed the folder onto the desk “I will see myself out”


“No” The Boss paused. “You will stay with us”


Bitch moved his eyes from her to me, eyeing me up and down in my red lingerie, stockings and high heels- we made eye contact 

“Did I give you permission to look at Ms Thorne?” Barked The Boss “look at her feet ONLY until I say otherwise”


Bitch immediately looked down “sorry Boss sorry”

 He dropped to his hands and knees so he was eye level with my stilettos.


The Boss looked at me sat in the chair then at her Bitch on the floor then back at me 

“Ms Thorne, this interrupting idiot is your bitch too…just for today. You are free to do as you please with him”


I gulped, what twisted interview was this? It certainly wasn’t going how I had imagined, but to tell the truth I was enjoying every minute 


I stretched out my leg, stroking bitch’s face with my toe.

“Oh Miss…” he sighed “you are truly a goddess”


 “Consider it a leadership test Ms Thorne” The Boss continued “after all you will be in charge of an entire team IF you get the job”


I wanted the job so badly, and I had leadership experience. Evidentially the Boss didn’t believe my CV so I had to prove my skills to her.


I looked at Bitch kneeling before me. “I expect you to be obedient let me show you who’s in charge. Look at My feet”


I lifted both feet up and dangled them in front of his face.

He gazed, mesmerised.

“Now lick the soles clean”


My shoes were grubby from walking around outside all morning but bitch polished them clean with his tongue in no time.


“Good boy, very obedient” I praised him.


I pointed to where The Boss’ and my clothes were strewn all over the office floor. 

 “Pick up our clothes and hang them up”


“Yes Miss”


He crawled across the carpet picking up my skirt, blouse and The Boss’ dress… It had only been 10 minutes ago that The Boss and I had been passionately kissing, caressing each other, her naked body pressed against mine…


I was genuinely angry with this pathetic bitch. He had interrupted the interview which I had thoroughly been enjoying… if he had waited a little while I could have had The Boss and my goodness I wanted her…

“you misbehaved Bitch. You interrupted us”

 He turned around to face my feet again

“Sorry so sorry Miss. I’m sorry I walked in on your interview. Please Miss, let me make it up to you”


“You deserve to be punished bitch, get out of those clothes now.”

He obeyed. 


The Boss looked on, an amused expression on her face as bitch stood in the centre of the room, fully nude, head hung in shame, he knew punishment was coming.


 I stood up, “bend over the desk” he did as I ordered and bent over the mahogany desk, his bottom in the air.


The Boss smiled

“Ms Thorne, if you open the desk drawer you may find some implements which will aid you…” 

I did as she suggested and to my amazement the drawer was full of all manner of weird and wonderful things. 

Restraints, a gag, dildo, strap on harness… I picked up a paddle


“I know you want to redeem yourself bitch, I know you want Me to be happy”


“I do I do Miss I want to please You. I don’t want you to be angry with me”


“Tell Me you deserve to be punished”


“I deserve to be punished. I deserve to be punished”


Whack, I bought the paddle down onto his left ass check it made a satisfying sound 


“Thank you Miss”


Whack, I did it again harder this time


“Thank you Miss”


Boss had clearly trained him well


After taking several minutes of spanking his bottom was glowing red.


The Boss had been watching us intently, her expression difficult to read, I was unsure as to whether I had passed her test or not.


“Impressive Ms Thorne” The Boss walked over to me


A sly smile on her face. She pulled me towards her and kissed me. It felt amazing to have her lips on mine once again, once more I was lost in her beauty, but just as I was starting to forget where I was, forget there was a naked man in the desk and a paddle in my hand… she pulled away. 


“Bitch go to your place”


“Yes Boss” bitch slid off the desk and crawled across the floor to the corner of the room. I now noticed there were hooks in the wall and as bitch stood there obediently The Boss secured him to the hooks using rope she had taken from the drawer.


I picked up a silk blindfold and tied it around his eyes.


“Excellent” grinned The Boss

“Now, where were we…?”


She kissed me again, unclipped my bra strap and began playing with my breasts, teasing my nipples whilst she pulled me in closer.

 Bitch was stood against the wall, unable to move, unable to watch, but he could hear the moans and sighs which escaped my mouth.

 I pushed The Boss down into her chair, kissed down her beautiful body and pulled off her thong. She did the same to mine so we were both naked, save for my lucky stockings which stayed on.


The Boss teased my clit, I was wetter than ever. I was desperate for her.

She stood up and led me towards the desk. I lay back on the shiny surface, gasping whilst Boss climbed on top. Her pussy sat on my face whilst she leaned forward and kissed the inside of my thigh.


At last! I opened my mouth and tasted her.  The sensation of her squirming on my face was amazing. 

 Her lips moved up my thigh towards my pussy higher and higher until she reached where I needed her to be and gently sucked in my clit, I couldn’t help but let out a moan of pleasure.


 I had her at last, the sexual tension from the past hour coming to a peak as we both moaned and squirmed on the desk. Within minutes we were both cumming, waves of pleasure and release washed over me.


 I sighed, in a daze, I couldn’t believe this had been a job interview. I still wasn’t sure whether the it had been one elaborate test, however, as I gazed at The Boss breathless after her orgasm I was certain she was satisfied with my performance.

 I looked over at bitch still tied to the wall – it was definitely the strangest office I had ever set foot in but I had enjoyed every minute. Whether I got the job or not I knew that this afternoon would be one I would never forget…


To Be Continued



Alissa x

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