Sex Toy Collection

I guess we all have a ‘sex drawer’. It usually starts out as the place you keep that one box of condoms. Your condom drawer. Over time you might add some fancier condoms… ribbed…dotted. Then you get given some flavoured lube as a joke present and that goes in there too.

After a while you might add a pair of handcuffs and maybe a blindfold. The blindfold came with a feather tickly thing so that also goes in the drawer.

You see an offer on a sex toy website when buying a bullet vibrator and think sod it and chuck a butt plug into the cart as well.

The butt plug is a success in the bedroom so you buy a bigger one. While you are at it the dildos catch your eye so you get a five incher…why not? There is plenty of space in the drawer.

You realise that the dildo can be used in a variety of ways and get a strap on harness to use with it.

Those handcuffs you bought a while ago are losing their appeal, you need something stronger and several lengths of rope are added to the drawer.

You discover clit sucking toys and their power to create immense orgasms so you make sure there is always one charged and ready in your drawer. A vibrating dildo is added next.

You still have a wee bit of space in that drawer so why not add a paddle, a riding crop, a cane…a little while later you add a whip.

A partner introduces you to sounds and you get five different sizes. A vibrating cock ring also appears but you’re not quite sure where from.

For some reason you now own a vibrator in the shape of a banana and another in the shape of an aubergine which you bought online while drunk one night for a laugh.

The curved steel wand you were gifted a little while later is much better though, you keep that at the top of the drawer.

You are now the proud owner of remote-controlled vibrating eggs, a cock pump and bondage tape.

A rabbit, a double ended dildo and a hitachi wand.

A prostate massager, a ball gag and nipple clamps.

A nine inch rubber cock arrives in the post, but it jams the sex drawer so you have to dismantle the entire unit, remove the drawer and rearrange your entire sex toy collection. How did your condom drawer turn into this?!

As I say I’m sure we all have a sex drawer. Containing just one pack of condoms… and the rest. We all have some sort of sex drawer and I would be delighted to show you the contents of mine!

Alissa x

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  5. Thank you for sharing this on Elust! My sex toy shoe box became a sex toy drawer which became a sex toy suitcase and is now a sextoy walk in storage space with about 6 suitcases full of toys. Gotta collect ’em all.

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