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Tie & Tease

I caressed his cheek whilst tucking the blindfold strap behind his ear “No peeking” I whispered.

Running my manicured nails gently down his chest, I felt him shudder with a mix of pleasure and anticipation of what was to come.

 I stood up and surveyed my prey. Spread eagled on the bed, wrists and ankles tied to each bed post, blindfolded, naked…Mine.

 Invisible to him, I slipped off my bra and thong so I too was fully nude. He heard my lingerie fall to the floor but could not see my feminine silhouette stood before him at the foot of the bed.

 I gently placed my fingertips on the inside of his calves, one hand on each leg, and traced a delicate line all the way up to his inner thigh. His cock twitched.

 I repeated, caressing his bare skin, all the way up to his balls, skipping over the place where he wanted me most and then running my hands back down again. Figuring out his sensitive spots and contemplating how best to play this game.

 He wanted me but I was just getting started. I liked having him completely at my mercy, totally mine to tease and edge. I took great pleasure in watching my victim squirm.

 I climbed onto the bed, straddling him, ensuring I rested myself just above his now rock hard cock… it had not been touched yet it was fully erect.

 I leaned forward breathing warm air onto his neck, my hair falling onto his cheek as I caressed his face. I moved my lips so they were millimetres from his and gently brushed them with mine, whilst murmuring “Don’t move” … but it’s not like he had a choice.

I kissed down his neck, sliding myself down his body, giving delicate kisses down his chest, pausing to flick his sensitive nipples with my tongue, before slowly going lower and lower. I stopped at his hips, watching his cock throb with anticipation… but I kept him waiting. I moved my lips back up to his.

 He could feel my naked body pressed against him. Having only seen me in lingerie beforehand, I knew he was hungry to view me unclothed. Alas, he had to wait. For now he had to make do with the sensation of my breasts against his chest, my hard nipples against his skin, my smooth thighs straddling either side of his body.

“You are being very obedient” I breathed before placing my lips fully onto his and giving him a deep kiss. He responded by kissing back, his delicious lips played with mine, our tongues entwined.

Something about having a man completely surrender himself to me gets me going, the power, the control, knowing he is completely in my hands.

Feeling incredibly turned on by the situation, I could not resist but play with my own nipples. He heard me moan with pleasure as I did so before I moved my right hand down to my pussy which was by now soaking.

 He could hear the wet sound as I played with myself but could not see what I was doing. I slid myself up so I was squatting directly above his face. He knew I was there, my horny dripping pussy right in front of him however, being tied up, he was unable to do a thing about it.

 I breathed sighs of pleasure as I used my fingers to bring myself closer and closer to orgasm. My body shaking, my breathing quickened, my pulse raced when all of a sudden waves of intense pleasure washed over me and my body exploded into bliss.

 All the while he lay there, unable to move. He released a sigh of frustration, yet he still had a smile on his lips.

I turned around sitting on his chest, facing his erect cock. He could feel my wetness against his skin, he knew that without the blindfold he would have a perfect view of my bum right before his eyes- it must have been torture.

 It was time to cause him even more agony. I took my time massaging the area around his balls, enjoying the way he pulsed with every stroke.

 Knowing that his patience deserved to be rewarded, I gently placed my fingertips onto his balls, carefully caressing them as he let out a groan.

 His body was craving me. Taking my index finger, I crept my way up from his balls, up and up to the tip of his cock, now dripping with pre cum. It throbbed at my stroke.

 I reached over for a bottle of baby oil and began drizzling it all over his cock, once it was sufficiently slippery I used both hands to caress him, my fingers rhythmically sliding up and down.

 He was unable to stifle his sighs of pleasure. I wrapped my hand around him and moved my wrist faster, his moans grew louder, his body began shuddering, his cock pulsed in my grip… I let go

He sighed in frustration.

“Oh I do enjoy playing with you” I murmured “But I don’t think you deserve to cum just yet”

 I waited a few moments before caressing his inner thighs with my nails, his body right on the edge, one stroke of his cock and he was ready to explode, but, unfortunately for him, I was enjoying the tease way too much…


Alissa x

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  1. OMG, I have never had this done, what have I been missing out on all these years. Sensational ❤️

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