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Why book a date with an independent escort?

I know that the escorting world can seem foreign and fascinating  to outsiders. I adore meeting new people and have spoken to many new clients who admitted they were undecided for months  before finally taking the plunge. I was inspired to write this blog to help those who are curious as to whether meeting an escort is right for them. Enjoy!

Booking an evening with an independent escort is dating made easy. There is no faffing around with dating apps, being set up with someone you aren’t attracted to or trying to awkwardly flirt with a woman at the bar. It is an easy, discreet way of meeting someone.

There are no guessing games, no messing around, read through my website and you can learn all about me and the things I enjoy. You will get an idea of whether we are compatible or not before we have even made contact!

Understandably many of my clients feel nervous before a date, but they need to remember that sex workers are regular humans. We aren’t scary and most will be used to meeting people and know how to make even the most shy person feel at ease.

Most independent escorts will likely not care about your appearance, age, weight, or any other insecurities you may have. As long as you take pride in your personal hygiene and have a friendly, respectful attitude nothing else matters.

The difference between a meeting with an escort vs a regular date is that the time is catered to you! You are guaranteed my unrivaled attention for the duration of our date, I will make you feel special, I won’t be ignoring you whilst I scroll through social media, I will listen as you talk about your interests, I will ask you what you want and what you desire. The main difference between your Tinder date and I is that, as long as you treat me with respect, I am guaranteed to get intimate with you on our first date- no strings attached, isn’t that fantastic?!

Sexually, I am open minded and confident. Please read through my website as obviously I do have boundaries and no not ‘everything’ goes but I do know what I’m doing, I find it easy to let go and I love to have fun.

 If you have a specific fantasy in mind you can ask me straight up- the worst I will do is say no. There will be no judgement and I will never laugh at you.

Many of my clients have very little free time and the fact is that regular dating is time consuming. The joy of booking an escort is, after a couple of emails, you will have a date set in the diary with a gorgeous person and all you have to do is show up. There is no messing about, trying to flirt in order to get a date and going out of your way to impress someone only to find that they change their mind and cancel at the last minute.

They say you don’t pay an escort for sex, you pay her to leave afterwards and this is so true! After the booking you don’t need to worry about keeping in contact, whether we have a future together and all the other perils which come from civilian dating! There is no pressure to see each other again, but of course if you had a good time I am only an email or WhatsApp away if you wish to book a second date!

A date with a high end escort is a discreet and confidential liaison. I will respect your privacy and will not harass you with messages after our meeting. You don’t need to worry about me getting jealous of any other lovers you have. There is no obligation to commit.

So if you are curious about booking an independent escort then why not treat yourself? Many people find it a fulfilling and interesting thing to do. It really is dating made easy!

Alissa x

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