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Working from home nightmare

Monday morning and I was sat at my desk at home, entering a never ending list of figures into a spreadsheet. I was struggling to concentrate, I had other things on my mind.

 I had an afternoon date planned with a long term suitor of mine. All I had to do was get through a mundane morning with my day job then I could sneak off and have a naughty “lunch break” I couldn’t wait!

 I quickly tapped on my keyboard, the excitement of what the rest of my day held spurring me on. 11 am, I had done a decent amount of work this morning and deserved a break…time to get ready. I hopped in the shower, as I rubbed the bubbles into my skin I day dreamed about what my date and I would get up to this afternoon.

Just as I was drying myself off, I heard a ringing noise coming from my laptop. I ran into my office and a Microsoft Teams Meeting notification popped up on the screen. I had completely forgotten about this meeting- it was an important one too! Hastily covering myself with my towel I entered the meeting, my webcam didn’t work so I only had to worry about joining in verbally

 “Sorry I’m late”

“Never mind, Alissa” replied my boss “I’m glad you could join us”

Argh I still had to get ready. Whilst my boss was babbling on about targets for the year ahead I picked up my laptop, took it into my bedroom and I busied myself by rubbing oil into my legs and bum cheeks. I wanted silky smooth skin for the date!

 Naked, I rummaged around in my wardrobe, searching for the perfect lingerie set. I slipped on my lacy purple bra, thong and suspender belt.

I applied my make up and styled my hair with my boss still droning on in the background.

My date had requested I bring toys. I lay a selection of vibrators out on the bed, which one should I take? My wand was looking at me. All of this fantasising about my date was getting me seriously horny! Nothing wrong with a little appetiser… I picked up the wand, pulled my thong to one side and slid the it onto my clit. The buzz making me tremble.

“So what are your thoughts on the new data entry system Alissa?”

My attention suddenly snapped back to the meeting I was in.

“Ahh yes….” I moved closer to my laptop so they could hear me better

“Errrr my thoughts on the system are…” I looked up and to my horror a light was glowing from my webcam. I looked at the screen and there I was, in my lingerie all dolled up, a vibrator still in my hand and facing my entire team of colleagues.

I froze. I glanced at my colleagues in their little rectangular boxes and I saw a mix of bewilderment, smirks and shocked faces. Oh gosh, how much had they seen?!

I scrambled to turn off my cam and threw on a dress.

“Apologies, bad connection.” I explained

“Alissa, please come into the office tomorrow, we have some things we need to discuss” said my boss.

I felt my heart sink.

He then continued talking to the team about targets, perhaps his way of awkwardly avoiding what had just happened? Oh my goodness what had my colleagues seen? The entire past hour of me getting ready? Fully naked? Me with my vibrator? Their faces were a picture, what were they thinking?  I didn’t want to know!

I spent the next 10 minutes sitting demurely at my laptop, pretending none of it had happened. My heart was racing. As the boss wrapped up the meeting I couldn’t shut down my laptop fast enough.

I couldn’t turn back time and I had more important things on my mind right now – I had a date!

The morning’s escapades had actually got me even more excited and as I drove over to my date’s hotel the sexual anticipation rose further.

I greeted him and asked how his morning had been.

“Oh boring, working from home. spreadsheet, figures and boring online meetings. I couldn’t concentrate as I was too busy thinking about you. What about you?”

“hmmm yes…” I replied “pretty much the same!”

Alissa x

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