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Your Privacy

As an independent escort I understand the importance of privacy and discretion. My job relies on a mutual trust that what occurs between two consenting adults is none of anyone else’s business.

I understand clients want to remain private for many reasons such as personal relationships and their work.

I can empathise with this as I too have a life which I like to keep entirely separate from the escorting world. Despite my extra-curricular activities being legal in Britain there is unfortunately still a stigma attached to sex work which could affect other areas of my life.

I would be horrified if I was ‘outed’ as I understand you would be too.

I do however need to ask for ID from you before I can confirm a booking. This is for:

A) Most importantly my safety. As a woman visiting a stranger I have a right to know exactly who I am meeting.

B) To ensure you are over 25 years old

C) To ensure we aren’t acquainted in the ‘real’ world

D) If we are meeting in your home I need proof of address to ensure I travel to the right place

My time is precious so I request a non-refundable deposit to ensure my time isn’t wasted and to compensate should you cancel.

I always tell one trusted friend where I am going- this is for my security. As long as our date passes without an incident your details will be deleted after the booking.

I have no desire to pass your details on to anyone else, after all what would I gain from that?

 I have worked hard to establish a good reputation and maintain many regulars in high profile positions. I would not put all of this at risk by outing anyone unless I felt in danger.

 Many clients find that booking an escort is a lot more discreet than having an affair with a lady in the ‘real world’. Escorts know how vital privacy is. After our date I will not contact you unless you contact me first. If I see you whilst out and about I will not acknowledge you. I won’t come knocking on your door or telling your friends and family what we got up to.

 Booking an escort is a business transaction, pure and simple. I take my work as an escort seriously and as long as we both respect each other’s privacy I can guarantee we will have a brilliant time.

Alissa x

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